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Important Dates

February 26, 2010: Plan of Distribution approved by the SEC.
September 17, 2014:  Round 1 Distribution Payments issued.
April 7, 2015: Round 2 Distribution Payments issued.
August 3, 2016: Round 3 Distribution Payments issued.
April 13, 2017: Round 4 Distribution Payments issued.
December 20, 2017: Round 5 Distribution Payments issued.
December 9, 2019: Round 6 Distribution Payments issued.
January 29, 2021: Replacement Checks Issued.  
May 7, 2021: Replacement Checks Issued.
August 31, 2021: Replacement Checks Issued.
July 26, 2022: Replacement Checks Issued.
[Date TBD]: Date of issuance of the last Distribution Payments in the Closing Round (the "Closing Round Date").*
[Date TBD]: End of appeal filing period (90 days after the Closing Round Date). IMPORTANT: ALL APPEALS AND FORMS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY THE END OF THE APPEAL FILING PERIOD.*

*These dates have not been set and will be posted here once determined.



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